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First stage (3 bathroom) Snells Beach house for Little Tree Construction Ltd
Ian Amstrong house
More happy customers with a very good bathroom Shane and Adrienne from Dwyer Builders Ltd
Another completed house for Brett Godfrey In Huapai
Another excellent renovated bathroom for UHB LTD in Blockhouse Bay with very happy customers
Another renovated finished house in Huapai for Court Construction with a beautiful bathroom for Donna McDowell (owner)
Another dreaming bathroom was been finished for Steven White
New bathroom for Kyle's family in Mt eden
Another new house with beautiful bathrooms for Godrey Builders has been completed
Amazing bathrooms for Broswick Builders LTD in Devonport
Just Nick Tiling team doing waterproof
Ryan-Little tree construction - Point Wells
Maria Ignacia Escalante - Cornish
Ryan Point Wells
Little Tree Construction Ltd in Mangawhai
Neil & Linda Kitchen
Another quality bathroom for Dave and Leigh Kenney In Muriwai
Beautiful bathroom for Michele Bennett Designer in Castor Bay
Next new house in Mangawhai for Little Tree Construction LTD
Another beautiful bathroom finished in a new house for Lissa and John Grigson in Puhoi
Ox and Kerry bathroom - Snells Beach
Rachel Bathroom, Mt Eden
Hillie Turner and Mike bathroom Torbay
Another beautiful bathroom finished in Te Atatu for Upper Harbour Builders Ltd. Owners are Rachel and Steve Apps
Box living ltd-Omaha house
Chris Brading -architect -Torbay
Godfray Builders ltd -Huapai house
Hayden-Anderson concept Ltd-Saint Heliers
Box living Andrea bathroom -Kawaka Street, Mount Eden, Andrea
Godfrey builders ltd-Huapai house
Lorraine bathrooms-Greenhithe
Anna Sandringham
Kate and Steven bathroom Ponsonby
Dan Heyworth - CEO @BOX Living
Jonny bathrooms Mairangi bay
Mark Kommanditbolag -Parnel
Bruce and Layne ltd Castor bay
Box Living Coromandel house
Black Paper LTD office kitchen
David O'Brien bathroom Waiheke
Paul Goblin Doctor Bayswater, Auckland
Ryan - Little Tree Construction Limited
Godfrey builders Huapai
Brendon Clarkson's Bathroom,Riverhead
Other Projects

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